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I would encourage those at the helm of the Landscape Institute to join the debate. I favour exchange of ideas backed up by facts and figures, even if they prove my point of view wrong.

The Landscape Institute Executive Committee must learn to accept Member's right to criticise them and scrutinize their actions. They must also learn to exercise care with regards to Members right to free speech.

Sack McCapra! He completely ignored the last council mandate, why do you think he will follow this one?
What's the point in having a council if it is completely ignored? Who is the regulating body of LI? I have no faith in any of the full time members of staff, let alone the trustees.

WE HAVE 20! 20 requisitioners is the minimum required for the LI to have to call an egm! There will be more coming in I have no doubt!

I would just like to add a comment with regard to the visitor figures referred to by Alastair McCapra in his letter to me and also referred to by me in my letter to him. While I was a volunteer in the archive (1 day each month from June to October 2008) I personally witnessed more than an average of 3 visits made to the archive in a month, so I am profoundly confused as to where Mr McCapra acquired his figures. I will also add that it is very far from the case that personal visits are the only way in which a library and an archive are usually used and against which they should be tested. I am not aware of the real figures for telephone, email and personal contacts, but I would be very surprised if they did not reach into the hundreds on many occasions. It is not fair to the membership of the LI, nor to the wider public, to issue misleading figures in the way that Mr McCapra appears to have done.

The sad fact is that Members have been misinformed in every aspect in these months running up to election times. Those responsible for our state of affairs have decided to remain in positions of control and authority above any other consideration. It is a very grave mistake that will be severely judged in the future.

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