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Ragwort also has quite a strong scent to it if handled. If you have land infested with Wagwort a good way to get rid of it for good without using spray is to graze the land with sheep as they can eat it without harm to themselves and because of this it can't complete its life cycle and eventually dies out.

Landowners DO NOI have a "duty of care and a legal responsibility" to control ragwort.This is part of the alarmist story.


It is no longer the Weeds Act of 1959 which is the governing document for ragwort control. The Ragwort Control Act, 2003, resulted in the publication of a Code of Practice in 2004 and that tells you what you should do about ragwort.

Though many people do use sheep to graze it off, this is not recommended. The Code of Practice says, 'All grazing animals are susceptible to the toxic effects of ragwort and therefore the deliberate control of ragwort by grazing horses, sheep, goats or other livestock should not be undertaken on animal welfare grounds.'

The greatest need for care with ragwort is in hay-making since dead ragwort in hay is the principal source of poisoning in horses.

Thanks for your comment Ragwort Expert but I disagree - landowners do have a duty of care.

Paragraph 9 of the Code of Practice says;

'Responsibility for control rests with the occupier of the land on which ragwort is growing.'

Para 14 says;

'Livestock owners are responsible for the welfare of their animals and they should satisfy themselves that their stock is not exposed to the risk of ragwort poisoning.'

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