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Perfect reasons for planting the right plant in the right spot.

Want a 4' tall hedge? Use plantings maturing at 4' tall.

Sometimes, especially at the front foundation of a home, it's best to take a bad hedge out.

Everytime I've done this with a client they've said the same thing, "If I'd known it would look this good simply taking plants away I would have done it years ago."

Ironically, I find men the most resistant to taking plants away but the most enthusiastic once it's done. Of course it's their wife pushing to follow my idea.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

when costing/quoting to cut/trim/lower/lopping a hedge for a customer (even though very experienced) costs such as :
1. sharpening blades once/twice a year
2. servicing hedgecutter
3. servicing trailers
4. greasing gearing on hedgecutters/ time and £7.00 a tube , plus collection.
5.quoting time and petrol
6.collecting and unlocking trailer/storage time.
7.disposing of waste after taking away (1.5hrs)
8.locking tools away and buying the 2-stroke/petrol
9.paying staff wages

i will stop here , but will finally mention the 'insurance costs for 'Public Liability' and 'Employers'

oh and washing all the bits/dirt from clothes/self.

and cleaning / servicing / vehicle/ truck £250 for a days hedging + removal is very cheap !

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