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I should point out that the info on Martyn Cox's 'tweet' came from the Amateur Gardening editorial office this morning where journalists are trying to establish if this is yet another piece of BBC-bashing by the Daily Mail, or something near the truth.

This is true, Marc did indeed provide the info about the BBC denying the rumour, so I can't claim credit for that - not that I was. If he or AG had a website or blog, I would have happily linked across it.

Oh dear Martyn, biting the hand that feeds eh? I was just preparing your new feature commission for Amateur Gardening, but it seems to have accidentally fallen into the paper shredder. How awfully clumsy of me...

Now this is interesting.

For the life of me I cannot understand why CH4 has not launched a gardening programme to challenge the beeb's GW. First it's channel 4 territory (lifestyle et al), second, how many viewers would kinda want to give the BBC a bloody nose for the frequent, ruthless postponements of GW for say snooker or international tiddlywinks championships, of what is essentially the only gardening programme on TV. Given the right format,formula and personnel, surely someone can 'clean up'.

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