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Excellent campaign, I guess the slogan could be "Flower Power for the People"

When you get elected, which I am sure you will, with the ground swell of public opinion behind you, could you ask a couple of questions, please.

Why does some unelected old fart get flown into London from Windsor, at my expense by helicopter, to decide the General Election date?

Why are we so insecure as a nation that we rely on our leaders to be ex-public schoolboys as our leaders, and not trust ordinary working people?

So unelected old farts and ex-public schoolboys, please deal with these when you reach power.

All the best


Dig For Victory.

I'm with you all the way.

BTW, slagging off Her Majesty The Queen is not going to endear you to the majority of gardeners who can see that she has served this country extremely well.

Ignore the silly republican trolls.

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