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Hi I will like to report my tree has pear rust fungus.

Toton NG9 6EY the red spots have appeared on my pear tree, only planted last year, so a young one. The spots are thicker underneath, with a thick fleshy growth, like a canker, so maybe something different, an insect attack maybe.

Convinced our old pear tree has rust....large bright yellow spots and clusters of canker like stuff. We live in South Greater London

I purchased a flowering pear tree from Lowes in Bethpage, NY. It had a few orange spots. They said it was nothing. Now that the tree has been planted and watered for a couple of weeks tge orange spots are throughout the tree and on every leaf. Terrible!

I live I'm Mount Wolf Pa and just noticed pear rust on my tree, I just planted it about 3 months ago

We live in Bergen County, New Jersey. Our Bradford Pear tree is over 20 years old, and is taller than our three story house. It get plenty of sunshine all day long. In comparing the pictures online with the leaves on our tree I would say our tree definitely has rust fungus. This is the first time we've seen anything like this. The tree is usually very healthy. Is there anything that can be done?

Our pear tree has rust fungus only planted this year we live in Norwich Norfolk

My pear trees have the rust fungus again this year, it started several years ago on my Williams, that seems to have died. The Conference has now got it, but the Pears are OK. I live near Ely Cambridgeshire.

We have a pear tree with the rust fungus showing just this year . The tree is about 35 years old and seems quite healthy,fruit was plentiful in spring but very little now.Our location is Guelph Ont Canada.Would like to know if a remedy is available ?.

Kitchener/Waterloo border westside. Rust on both the Anjou and Bartlett trees.

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