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Always a problem if you want to email market anything ethically. If you want to use Mail Chimp for example the people you want to email have to opt in first but how can you ask them to opt in if you can't email them?

I think it's acceptable to email a business which advertises itself.

Most people would be happy with an unsolicited marketing email if it relates to the business or sector they are in.

There is also something called permission marketing. Permission marketing is basically, as the name suggests, the reverse of unsolicited marketing.

A business publicises itself and those seeing the publicity sign up to the newsletter or buy a subscription.

I have had a look at email marketing Phil, it is something I would like to try but even after having a good look at it I am uncertain how to proceed.
We have assembled a data base from public sources of garden designers and landscape related trades but do not want to get it wrong.

Chris Carr told me: "We don't lend or sell our email list. I couldn't even buy the list for our own Q Lawns' business if I wanted to and I'm the BALI chairman. It's just not possible."

The BALI office told me that their members details are open to view so if someone wanted painstakingly copy them then they can but they wouldn't get a list from BALI.

The above has got to be the daftest thing I've heard - you can't publish a list then maintain the list isn't for sale. Anyway it would hardly be painstaking to drop the details into a database. HUGE credibility fail for BALI - arse and elbow spring to mind!

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