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Does anyone have any recommends on accounting software for a landscaping company?



Good tips. I like blogging about gardening because you can combine photography with gardening; two things I love to do.

Tejvan - Thanks for your comment and I like your blog - it is very rewarding isn't it?

A really nice piece of work - really helpful to someone like me who is just starting out.


FranceVerte, c'est l'annuaire officiel des professionnels et administrations de la nature et de l'environnement qui répertorie plus de 150 000 établissements spécialisés et unique en france:jardinerie, paysagiste, pépinériste, horticulteur, fleuriste, motoculture de plaisance, forestier, engrais et fertilisants, matériels de jardin..... Et toute activité professionnelle et administrative liée au monde des parcs, jardin et des espaces verts.

Is it better to have an independent blog as I do with wordpress
OR is it better to have a blog attached to my website
I'm getting conflicting advice which to have.
Any advice will be much appreciated
best wishes

Hi Neil, I'm not sure why you would want to keep things separate, just be clear that this is the blog and this is the service/product I offer.

Then use the blog as a way to connect with readers and the wider gardening/landscaping community which will raise your profile, but also provide insight and ideas into your own endeavours.

All the best

And of course, link the two together.

I read an interesting article about how commercialism has shifted the traditional blog - in other words personalised musings and closer to hope content - to a more corporate approach with many 'blogs' becoming magazines now and lost much of the original personality that made/makes them appealing.

Thanks for the hints and tips, its really help full for starting out a garden design blog.

Great Post , Really have tought, Landscaping plays a huge part in preserving our cultural heritage such as historical buildings, famous sites and landmarks, and other invaluable assets. In this way, landscaping keeps a nation's spirit and soul intact.

It’s a very helpful with us. Thanks a lot.

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