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It is strange that said organisation has such a poor website. The thing is, I’m not in the least bit surprised.

I’m quite familiar with the Garden Writers’ Guild and have always been of the opinion that it's choc-full of a bunch of third-rate old moaners who only joined up so they could say they belonged to it. They complain when UK gardening mags and newspapers won't commission them yet when they do get the chance they either can't deliver by the deadline or simply cannot string a couple of sentences together.

It’s very much an old-boys’ (and girls’) club and one I recommend any budding plant writers (and snappers) steer well clear of.

Whilst I may have some reservations about the Garden Writers Guild I would strongly disagree about steering snappers (I assume you mean photographers) away.
The Garden Photographers Association that is part of the GWG is a lively, active, sharing and open group. Their website is modern, well laid out and well managed. As a Garden Photographer who is not 'in the loop' I find the Garden Photogs. group invaluable in keeping in-touch with the industry, equipment, events, and technology.
It's a small group but a number of memebres give their own time to make it remarkably effective - I won't accept a word aginst that part of the GWG.
Take a look at the Garden Photographers Association: and see for yourselves.
To join the garden Photographers Association you have to be a member of the Garden Writers Guild.
Phil - why not do an item about the monthly competition results.

Write on

Thanks for your comment. I thought it better to respond by re-visiting the original post with a new one.

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