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I have used dog rocks and they are not all that successful. They are expensive, last only a couple of months and one rock is recommended for only 2 litres of water - not great for a lerger dog. My dog chose to remove this "foreign object" from the bowl all the time, which didn't help! Tomato juice or sauce added to food is cheaper and as effective. Also adding Apple cider vinegar to the water has a similar effect.


You are not the first person I have heard say this.
Perhaps the Tomato Ketchup is the cheapest and most effective??

I have used Dog Rocks for approximately 5 months and have not found them to be particularly effective.

I am now trying tomato juice mixed with their food and it seems to be working well.

I have not tried rocks, but found Tomato Juice was enjoyed by the bitch but didn't help the lawn. I also tried Tomato Sauce recently which she obviously did not like so I ceased feeding it after a few weeks. I don't think it made much difference to the grass.

I wonder if any work has been done comparing different lawn seed mixturews and the effect of bitches urine on them. Anybody know of any research? Another line might be to feed the lawn with a low nitrogen fertilizer. Any ideas?

That is an interesting question Bill. I do not know if any tests have been done myself.

Hope fully someone will leave a comment.

Watering the pee to dilute it works best. RE best gras varieties and use of juice see

I agree but it is not always possible to catch a dog in the act or dilute the urine soon after the dog does its business.

Morning all
I have found that this is not only a problem with bitches. Dogs tend to pee in the same place all the time, which kills the grass stone dead, and watering the patch every day is only partially successful.

Tried dog rocks - dog either removed it from the bowl or drank from puddles etc - not successful at all. We now feed him pilchards in tomato sauce once a day, but to be honest, with dogs it's more about how much they do in one spot. I am considering constructing a pee post, using sand around it, and training him to pee there. There are loads of tips on this type of training on the internet. I advised 1 client to do this and it was apparently quite successful.

"We now feed him pilchards in tomato sauce once a day"

Lucky dog :)

I have tryed the stones in her water , tomato with her food , tablits from e b-bay , and none of it worked , now trying lime on the lawn

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