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Some years ago I used barkchip to create a mulch for blueberry bushes planted on a rather sandy soil. It is now a fine tilth (compost)and, hopefully, it supplements the plants' other nutrients.

Vancouver, Washington. After watching "Back to Eden" (one hour - You Tube), I decided to take the plunge and mulch my entire garden with wood chips (about 4" thick). Tomatoes doubled in size within a week, and everything else seems to be loving it. I was careful NOT to mix the chips into the soil. But they seem to be working great after several months. My garden soil is very peat-like and does not hold water very well. The chips have helped immensely!

Hi, Kris!
Do you think I could use a
mixture of saw dust and hard
wood bark instead of wood chips?
I have no wood chips in my area.

Thank you for your answer.

George Balaur, Mangalia, Romania

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