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I've gone with a 10:1 ratio of sharp sand and cement using a dry mix amd that seems to do the job for low use area.

I also went with a 10:1 of sharp sand and cement dry mix and sets really well.. i left it for 3 days to go off and on the second day just lightly sprayed with hose. I pointed the joints on 3rd day and even sealed it all with sealer.. to be honest its spot on.. but on bigger areas like one ive just done which was 64m2 i used 5:1 sand and cement wet mix which works good, but i do always seal it where the client doesnt mind that kind of finish.


My neighbour is having her garden flagged. The guy has laid a plastic membrane over the grass and up to now poured in 4 tons of sand and tamped it down. He's started at one side of the garden laying stone flags and up to the gate, across which he has placed a plastic kick board (which isn't high enough) the level is currently running at 8 and a half inches. Beyond this he needs another couple of tons of sand we reckon to finish the job. This seems excessively high to pave a lawned area. Her other neighbour has a wooden fence with a small concrete kick board (sorry I don't know the technical terms for these) at the bottom and we have a brick wall. We reckon the floor level could hit a foot by the time she reaches us and her back door step will probably just about be level if now lower... She's probably done it so that she can see over our 5ft8" wall but obviously when she's finished, we'll be raising that. Just a bit worried about the weight of all that sand/stone on the structures around it.


Can you send a photo of the work? [email protected]

Great article! Keep up the excellent work.

Great post, everybody is interested in getting the knowledge of paving stones and this can be a great guide for the people.

Interesting read!

Very well detailed job spec, really enjoyed to read, great work. I totally agree with the section regarding slab thickness, and it boils down to you pay cheap you get cheap

Nice article! Very detailed and unlike other paving articles emphasised the difference in compaction required for foot traffic vs vehicular traffic.

Not done a lot of this stuff but over here in wet Wales I always want a good layer of hardcore going down first (minimum of 4-8inches depending on the nature of where it is going) and then impacting down to form a solid base. Then you can go on with a wet mix of sand / concrete. Again that would be a depth of about 4xinches minimum...

My wife and I are thinking about installing a new concrete driveway but don't know where to start. I like that you talk about using a rubber mallet instead of a metal hammer for tapping down the pavement. I was wondering what we were going to use instead to avoid damaging the concrete so this was perfect. Thanks for the help!

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