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I live in an apartment complex & at first it was the earthworms, now it's a different kind of worm (kind of grayish with a lighter gray underside). They're about to drive me mad. I bought Triazicide from Lowes and the worms just crawl right through it. Someone please help me get rid of these things. I'm really scared of worms.

Take a pail of warm water and enough sunlight soap (not scented)to make it slippery in your figures. Then add 1 or 2 drops of tea tree oil. pour it on the lawn in about a 3-foot area. The dew worms will head to the surface in seconds where they can be picked up and controlled. Used for fishing bait if you clean them after. Another way is to get a liquid fertilizer sprayer that attached to your hose and fill the sprayer with pure sunlight soap and 10 drops of tea tree oil. Set the dial so the flow coming out is just slippery to the touch. Now you can do large areas at a time with out mixing pails.

F@cking idiots, leave the worms alone morons!! Selfish stupidity

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