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I have a mini rose bush that was purchased for me at Walmart, but the roses and leaves are all dried up. Is there any hope for it?

I t sounds bad news Sandi _ I would take it back and ask for a refund.

I have cut a few limbs from a bush in my yard to place in a container in my dining room. It looks great. There are small red leaves and berries on the limbs. Is there anyway to keep the leaves and berries from falling off(possibly spray on clear adhesive etc.)? Can anyone give me an idea.


Please help. I am looking for a landscape designer. My son needs to interview one 10-15 mins. as part of a school report. I can send you the questions and you type or record the anwser or I can call you and he can ask you the questions.

If you can help, thank you very much.

You may email me at

I have added this request to the network John.

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