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Hello Philip

Thank you for the kind words.

We were interested in what you said regarding is there a need for both web sites.

We started of with the main site (.com), which had a news and information section, which if I am honest was very boring. We then started to dabble in blogging just to test the waters (using .net) … and then decided to make the blog the news and information part of the company. The other issue was that our technical knowledge is not good enough to allow us to integrate the blog into the main website, so it stands alone.

We still don’t have a clear editorial policy as far as the blog is concerned, so it rambles a bit. However, most people seem to like it.

I doubt if any of our clients actually read the blog, it seems to have a completely different readership - other bloggers, students, press, garden product manufacturers and suppliers, etc., so from that POV it serves a separate job.

Thanks also or mentioning the plants hire service, that has really started to take off this year. We diversified last year from traditional topiary into some more unusual plants and the response has been incredible.

Hi Richard

Thanks for the comments.

It is always worth remembering that whilst your current readers might not be clients, they are always potential clients.

Your webmaster should be able to put links on both sites to make them look integral.

Shout if you need any help.


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