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Very interested to read the comments about Christine's Garden. We find her approach to gardening both informative but down to earth. This is our approach too. Isn't it time we adopted a more measured and slowed down way of life? One where the seasons dictate what we eat, re-establishing the link with what we grow. Let's at least try to cultivate a little food for ourselves, even if it's only a couple of tomato plants or some herbs on the kitchen windowsill. This philosophy has been our guide for the past twelve months where we've been attempting to live without the rush of the supermarkets in favour of local shops and markets. How much more enjoyable it has been. To read a bit more you can find us at as we enjoy what the seasons bring.

Thank you for your comments Homely year, Christine is a very interesting lady for sure


this post is very interesting. real people are doing and completing nice works. i had fun reading it.

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