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Phil - interesting subject and the blog from Chris and David fascinating.

My first reaction is that whatever their findings it will take a lot to convince me that there is any justification for shipping heavy material like stone halfway round the world. I find the concept ridiculous.
Garden designers genuinely concerned about the environment will be dedicated to using local materials and keep hard landscaping to a minimum - using plants and landforming to create structure.
Cheap materials like Indian stone may be affordable to the consumer but can the Earth afford this kind of extravagance?

Hi Richard

Thank you for your comment.

I quite agree with you about hauling products across the world to satisfy our desires.

I am one for using and exploiting local resources where possible but unfortunately times seem to have changed forever.

The visit to India by Chris and David is a clever one from a marketing perspective and I am sure will benefit the industry as well as their respective business's.

If it is going to happen then at least subject it to scrutiny and self governance.

The problem for me is where we draw the line?

As you say an interesting subject.

All the best


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