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I disagree with the last respondant. I attempt to be organic in my gardening and the method I use to kill ivy is without chemicals. I cleared a mature oak of ivy last summer; following the lunar planting philosophy I attacked the ivy when it was fullmoon and the plant's sap was high. I carefully cut around its base using an axe and a crowbar (being careful not to ringbark the tree) and a week later the ground was carpeted with the ivy's green leaves. This was such a shock to the plant that it died right down to the root and hasnt recovered, unlike the oak which seems much happier. This method isn't 100% successful and a more certain job would involve digging up the plant's roots. I live in North London and if anyone needs help in this regard please email [email protected]

The problem, Andrew, is removing ground-covering ivy, not when it grows up a wall or tree.

Cut main root then cut 6 inching above leaving a gap

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