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Hi Philip

The info was part of an emergency planning brief (2006) for local authorities throughout the UK, which I managed to *cough* read bits of, whilst in a meeting.

The South is virtually guaranteed to have major problems, as the water companies are still failing to correct major leakages (30% of water is wasted) and have sold off many of the smaller water holding/storage facilities and are bitching about having a "dry" winter.

It's a mad sad world where a country's sells of an essential utility!

I was in Oxford last Friday and the earth was very dry, the grass, as you so rightly pointed out in your post preparing your lawn for drought, is probably 4 - 6 weeks away from your predictions.

Great blog and ideas - you should be charging for access ;)

Hi Richard,

Yes, profit has made companies take their eye off of the ball as far as responsibility and quality is concerned in my opinion.

There is a lot of scaremongering these days on the effects of global warming and water shortages but sadly the water companies appear to use this as an excuse to hide behind.

Glad you like the blog:)


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