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It's a pity I didn't visit its opening ceremony. My friends were there and brought lots of nice pictures. I know the architect and the company who build this glasshouse. I admire them. I'll be glad if they build glasshouse for Botanical garden in my native town, in Siberia, Russia.

Hi Yana, it certainly is an impressive structure.

I hope to be able to visit it one day.


I'm sorry - please don't think I'm cheeky and this isn't for posting; just an important point of English. Your paragraph above:

"It's completion will herald the start of a new place of worship for plant enthusiasts who flock to this Mecca of Horticulture and at it's heart..."

actually means:

"It is completion will herald the start of a new place of worship for plant enthusiasts who flock to this Mecca of Horticulture and at it is heart...", which doesn't make sense, does it?

The apostrophe used in "it's" shouldn't be there. Its correct use is seen, for example, in the sentence: "It's getting dark, thought the boy, dragging his dog along by its collar,' (i.e. it is getting dark) and this, (my) sentence also includes "its" in its correct form twice.

I'm concerned that people reading 'official' sites see poor English such as this, believe it's correct (as that bit of my sentence was!) and then repeat the error themselves so that the mistake ends up being the norm.

I do hope this email is taken in the good faith in which it is sent.

Kind regards,


Hi Jan

I am more than happy for you to bring me to book over this error and it certainly is taken in the spirit it was meant.

I am a gardener and landscaper first and foremost and a writer second, although I have learned (the hard way) a lot over the years about wrting and blogging I still get a lot wrong.

I will leave the comment and thanks for taking the time to comment.

Kind regards

Phil Voice

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