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I've got sloworms in my small urban garden, as well as hedgehogs. I also own 3 cats (apparently the cause of the demise of sloworms)
Tonight I had the strangest encounter with a sloworm.
I have a useless air vent near the ceiling in my living room. I've heard noises in it. Tonight, I noticed 2 of the cats looking at it - next minute, this snake-like thing fell a la 'raiders of the lost ark' to the floor. Betty (cat) ran over, so I had to check what it was - it was a sloworm! THEN I had to stop Betty playing with it, and pick up this extremely cross & active thing up and put it in the garden!
Pleased to say it kept it's tail, and was incredibly healthy and strong. Job tomorrow is to unscrew the vent to see if there are any more.
I can only presume it climbed up the ivy that I've been trying to kill for years.

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