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I have heard it said that some trees and plants need to pass through the digestive systems of grazing animals in order to germinate successfully. Is this correct? and what is this process called? other than eating seeds. Does it have a scientific name and where can I find a layman`s explanation. I really want to plant trees since trees growing will take out of the atmosphere CO2.I don`t want to restrict myself to a handful of acorns or horse chestnuts but would rather go for other native species but getting them going is a problem. So, where can I find info on propagating trees and how do I know which ones need to be "processed" before planting.
Looking forward to your comments in due course, Ian Hamilton.

That is a great question Ian - I am not sure about the 'need' or not and I hope that someone else will be able to pitch in here with some answers.

I picked this up using Google - - where grass seed is talked of being passed through Cow's and remaining viable.

I hope to come back to you on this with something more definitive.

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