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Great video - not the first time that guy had picked up a scythe!

Two thoughts......

They would have saved a lot of hassle had they not left so much junk lying around the field.


those girls are going to develop some powerful thigh muscles.

seriously, a fine example of how effect old style tools can be in skilled hands. Thanks for finding that one.

Glad you liked it Richard.

I am all for simplicity and I think that in this fast moving age we con ourselves into thinking (sometimes) that having the latest model mower, strimmer or gadget saves a lot of time.

Just looking at the speed and accuracy, not to mention efficiency of the operators of the Scythes I would hazard a guess that in the right hands these old implements were just as effective.

I mentioned my old boss at the golf course trying a scythe on the heavy rough at Blackmoor Golf Club, well we used a horse drawn hay rake (adapted for a tractor) to row up the cut grass with muggings here sitting on the cast iron seat pulling the handle to raise the curved tines.

My neighbour has one parked in his field with an old horse drawn reciprocating hay mower and I will get a photo shortly and pop it on this site.

Thanks for your comment and I think we share a similar interest here?


Hers is the picture of the hay rake as promised.

hi, does anyone know where i could buy a scythe from in australia or nz ?

hi, does anyone know where i could buy a scythe from in australia or nz ?

Hi David

I have just googled in response to your question but with no real luck.

I hope someone can help you out here.

Thanks for visiting


Re: Australian scythe sources--I suggest Nicole Schmid in NSW. She does not have a website yet, but if you drop me a line I would be happy to provide her contact info.


Kai Vido
[email protected]

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