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Garden Centres make money - Nurseries eat money = no brainer.

Sometimes tough decisions have to be made.
I expect the Garden Centres will be more profitable if they can go to the market for plants rather than have an obligation (perhaps unwritten) to buy from their own Nursery.

Notcutts have been backing the environmental path for some time now - low key but very credible. They can develop that without looking like bandwagoners.

Right decision made IMHO.

Richard I think that nursery business' should be run to be profitable and stop propping up the garden centre by slashing prices.

Garden centres are marking up at least 100%. The nursery managers should fight back and make the garden centres pay the right price for the right product.

Market forces will, imho, eventually iron out any differences between nurseries but at some stage they will have to stop pandering and stand up.

I agree that Notcutts will be expecting to go to the market for plants and this what I alluded to. It is dangerous, again in my opinion, for John Wood to expect Notcutts to stay loyal forever and I would be interested to learn the term of any tie in.

As far as 'bandwagoners' are concerned - I would like to see the smaller groups innovate now.

What new ideas are there that will mould the next few years of consumerism in the garden centre trade?

My view is - if any side of the business were to be sold it should have been the garden centre side and retain the brand for the nursery although I concede - money talks.


Garden Centres hold Nurseries by the boll*cks the same way Supermarkets do the's wrong but it won't change as long as the retailers have the option of cheap imports.

The Notcutts brand still remains with the GCs - the perception of the public doesn't really differentiaite between Nursery and Garden Centre so the Garden Centres get the branding benefit without the financial burden of the nursery.

Not wishing to upset anyone but the Notcutts name probably has more of an aura to the public than it does to company plant buyers - the Nursery allegedly has had some quality issues that haven't been resolved - but the public won't be aware of the name is untarnished in the eyes of the buying public.

Profitable, wholesale nurseries are few and far between, I admire Notcutts for biting the bullet and parting with something that must be very dear to them. They have tried very hard for years to turn things around and it's as well for some one else to have a go.

What's next in garden retailing?
I see retail nurseries continuing to flourish, online sales keep growing, the green pound to have more influence, Tescos buy a group in the south, independant centres slowly dissapearing until there are just a few major destination centres left.

Garden maintenance is the way to go - I'm sure that's where the money is for a well run firm.

Hi Richard

You are closer to the action than me . I realised that the sprawling nursery side (I only had dealings with Bagshot) were becoming a liability and rather direction less.

You have caught me out as a sentimentalist :) and I concede that an ailing business is an open wound.

I would like nursery managers to get tough though. I tell you what would send shivers up the spines of the GC managers and that would be to sell direct to the public at trade prices regarless of quantity.

I also feel that on line plant sales will outstrip GC centre sales within 5 years.

The only stumbling block for on line sales is many customers want to pick their plants themselves and would not trust others to do it for them.

"Not wishing to upset anyone" - do not worry about that with me - you are more than welcome to your views.


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