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Phil - I reckon flat onions need more top left on. I've changed the slide show accordingly.
It's great that all I had to do was edit the caption in the Picasa webalbum and it immediately showed up on the flash show on my Blog. Nothing to re-export or upload.

The next flash show will be a big one with major global impact. It's a way to succed with growing carrots that avoids germination and weed problems. The method has changed my life!

I am impressed with the Picasa presentation method.

I have left a question on your site regarding which end you cut the onions from when you need to use them.

It would be useful for readers of our respective sites.



............I forgot to add - looking forward to the carrot revelation.

Phil - I confess that I have no idea if there is a conventional sequence of onion removal. I simply cut off the onion appropriate to the need - it doesn't seem to matter. It is handy to have large and small onions mixed in a string - I don't imagine it would be life threatening in an onion was removed out of sequence.
In general I start at the top and work down. the warmth of a kitchen you might get the odd green nose peeking out from the bulb - I always use those first before they start to really romp away.

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