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I can confirm that here we have hundreds of Hedgehogs. Most of whom seem to sit in the garden and scream and shout at each other all night long.

In a strange coincidence though I was walking the fields at the weekend thinking how I have never stumbled upon a snake.

The effect that man has on the environment is truly sad but personally I see the number of Animals under threat growing significantly over the next few years rather than declining as our towns and cities grow and our demands on the land increase.

Gamekeepers also have a lot to answer for with regard to the slaughter in the countryside, no one truly knows the damage they cause.

Hi Andrew

I agree that one of the greatest threats to wildlife, especially in urban areas, is the onslaught of bricks and mortar.

Building places that have areas for animals is essential IMO.


There is a rogue element in all walks of life - do you agree?

Having been a gamekeeper on Lower Roundhurst Farm, Haslemere in the early eighties I was aware of some poor practices by gamekeepers which involved poisoning Foxes, snaring Badgers etc.

I hope that Gamekeepers in general consider themselves as conservationists now and try to do their bit.
All the best


I can only imagine the book is aimed at towns and cities. Here in the rural and the semi rural parts I have never seen the wild life in such abundance, everyday is a visual treat.

The only down side is that the amount of road kill is significantly up with a horrendous number of badger lying at the roadside. I estimate that I have seen at least 30 dead this year.

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