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just wondered is it legal to use? As it has no approval for use as a moss killer or maff number.


As far as I am aware, there are no legal restrictions for using Sulphate of Iron as a moss killer on lawns.

Can I suggest that the regulations be checked re the use of Sulphate of Iron for killing moss on lawns that does not have approval. I agree very much so with your use of SOI but there was a time as I recall it when it had to be approved in the UK.


Ferrus Sulphate application is not covered by legal restrictions. However be cautious about using it. Inhalation of the dust over a period of time is no good to you, using it on poor soil structures can cause leaching & concentration at the water table leading to "Panning". Also the crystal breaks down rapidly with the application of boiling water. If using CP sprayers make sure that the tank is well washed out after application, I have seen many rubber seals perished & the old metal filters rusted.

What rate do you suggest for either dry or wet spreading?

Can anyone tell me at what rate I want to spread iron sulfate granules on my lawn to kill the moss?

Can I mix sulphate of iron with sand and what mix will i use. I do have a lot of moss

Hi Pat

You could mix suplphate of iron with sand but why would you want to do that?

Are you getting confused with lawn sand - a mixture of ammonium suplhate and ferrous sulphate?

An easier way to use SI is to dissolve it yourself in a watering can with hot water. You will need about two plastic coffee cups per full can, just water the affected areas liberally.
It has been noticed there is nothing on SI's moss killing qualities on any of its packaging. This is due to it being considerably cheaper than weed and feed.

To answer the question on mixing sulphate of iron and sand I would recommend a 3 to 1 ratio fo sand to iron suplhate. Make sure you use gloves.

To answer the question about rate of lawn sand, it should say on the lawns sand pack. If it doesn't try 80 grams per square metre.

I find a lawn spreader with lawn sand is much better then a sprayer with liquid solution for killing moss.

Make sure you walk at a steady pace and try not to overlap.

A good tip is too mow the lawn and use the srtipes as guides.

Hope this helps.


Do you have a tip to buy sulphate of iron online? Can't seem to find it at garden centers in Ontario Canada. Does it go by another name?

With our brutal drought anything to help our poor lawn I'm willing to try.

I put it down too thick in a spot and now nothing grows there. How should I fix it?

Cliff - you will have to wait for the iron sulphate to dissipate, then re-seed the damaged areas.

Hi - I used to get Sulphate of Iron for moss killing on the lawn for my Dad from a local garden supplier, which closed down. We've seen it recently in a garden centre but the box stated it was for use on soil around plants/vegetables. Would this be the same 'stuff' and could it be used on the lawn as we used to?

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