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The UK has has a pretty miserable summer and now autumn has rared it's sometimes magical head and people in the UK are already pretty miserable.

The forecast predicts 0 degrees in the NW tonight, damn it's not even October :(.

It's partly lack of sun light, the cold and partly our (in the main) imbalanced life sedantry styles.

Aspects like "a willingness to sleep longer. A desire to eat more including very sweet things" are IMHO aspects that we have been programmed to do as we react to nature. The rest of the points I would agree with wholeheartedly.

Invent a pill Phil and you can retire in the manor that you will quickly become accustomed to.

I agree Richard that we must have a certain built in hibernation control that makes us more homely on a dark cold night.

Only this week we had a day that was misty and grey all day and it made me feel down in the dumps yet when the wind changed to the South and the blue skies followed with temperatures of 26 degrees I was over the moon.

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