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I can't find a website explaining how to layer a hedge. Do you have details of one or information on how I can layer upper branches to thicken the hedge. Thanks

Hi Rob

Here looks like a good place to start-

The number one way to get a perfect hedge is to cut it back lightly and regularly. When ever you see a bad looking hedge I can always guarantee that it has not been cut back regularly. If you don't do this you end up with ugly hollow patches all through the hedge.

I'm sure Auckland Gardener is right. But Rob if you want to layer a hedge in the traditional manner (whcih is great for wildlife and can look really good too) you could look at

I did the 'week in the woods' course with them, part of which was hedge laying. I really enjoyed it and it's not too dificult with some training.

Is there any reason not to cut an evergreen hedge soon after rain when hedge still wet

Hi Margaret

It won't damage the hedge in any way but the operator might get uncomfortably wet and the hedge cutter may find it heavy going cutting with a heavy water content. May reduce the quality of cut too.

Choose a shear type and blade length based on the size of your hedge. For smaller hedges (18 inches high and about a foot wide), use hand or electric hedge trimmers with smaller blades of about 13 inches long. For taller hedges, use shears or trimmers with blades 30 inches long or longer to extend your reach.

Hi I'm new to this so pardon my ignorance. We have just moved into a new house with a hedge at the front (sorry not sure what type). It has become very thick and tall and is leaning over on to the path. I want to cut it well down to a much smaller neater hedge but to do this I would have to make it almost completely brown with branches only showing taking off all the leaves. I dont mind the look as I'm thinking long term but I just want to make sure I can do this with out killing the hedge. Also any tips for the best way to do this. Thanks


I'd need to know what plants(s) make up your hedge before giving an answer.

A well-maintained hedge provides a good, smart boundary to a garden, but if left unchecked, a hedge can soon lose its shape and end up casting unwanted shade. With a good pruning schedule you can keep hedges under control without too much effort.

Hello- I moved into my house several months agao and I planted Thuja (occidentalis) in my back yard to make a privacy hedge. I live in southwestern Germany (Saarland, bordering France).

I planted the 1 meter high trees 60cm apart (trunk centered). At this point they have been in the ground for about 6 months. Most of the plants have grown 30-50cm.

My questions are:
When should I cut them for the first time?

For their first cut, should I cut them all to be the same height (therefore, the shortest tree determines the height of all the others)?

When should I cut the sides?

Thank you in advance for your help and for this very informative website.

Hi, Thank you for a very good informative read, Just had Leylandii hedge cut,trimmed, but the mess taht this leaves is harder to clear than the cutting!! reason being that this falls on flower a blower or something appropriate needed that you can advise.
thank you in anticipation...


Hi Doreen

A blower is an ideal way of cleaning away small clippings.

Hi. I have just cut a small yew hedge with a blunt hedge trimmer, leaving thin uncut stringy pieces all over it . I do not want it to become unsightly as you have said it would, so what do you sugest I can do ? I do not want to get a bad reputation in the area as I have just started my business. Please help Andrew.

I have some bushes that have been severally cut back. What can I do to them to help them grow out again. I think they are wax leaf lilguesame (I am sure that is not the right spelling) but maybe it is close enough that you will know what type bush I am referring to.

Hi I have hedges that are about 20 feet tall and I wanted to have it cut about half of the length. The person that I contacted said that we should only cut about 1/5 of the original length so It wont kill the hedges. He said the next time after this when we can reduced the length is in 3 years. Is this true? and what is consequence of cutting it short.


What plants do you have in your hedge?

Very good info, thanks.
I have a Tanaka hedge trimmer but have damaged the blades, are they replaceable do you know?

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