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I have scarified and aerated the lawn end of April. I saw few patches and thin grasses emerging after 2 weeks.I bought aftercut seed and feed by Westland. can I spread this now to have a healthy green lawn before summer.
Do I have to water the lawn if it does not rain 2 days after spreading seed and feed.
Most of moss gone.

Hi, I have scarified and aerated my lawn along with adding a top dressing mixture of top soil, compost and sand. There are lots of bear patches as the lawn was very poor with moss and weed. I was wondering if there is any point in reseeding now it's late October and the weather has turned? I live in Peterborough

The best time to scarify a lawn is just after spring when you can see strong growth starting, i would recommend using a pet friendly and low toxic based grass feed and moss killer first and leave it for 3-4 weeks be scarifying

Could you tell me the order in to do it
Moss killer or scarification first

Good morning

Should I scerify my lawn first or add weed no feed first and wait for moss to change colour then sherify.


Hi. Do you think this will help with an infestation of meadow grass? I have resorted to killing it completely with Roundup and it's even survived that!?!

Hi my gardener has scarified my lawn today (30 November) to such an extreme that all that seems to be left is bear earth, is there any hope that it will recover? What should I do?

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