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All the traditional print based media who have not made a successful transition to the web are in trouble.

Personally we have canceled our advertising in all the traditional off line resources - Thomson, Yellow Pages... They are dying and they know it and yet instead of dropping their ridiculous prices an trying to encourage advertisers back, they still try to hold onto an outdated business model.

A quick tour of a few private & commercial estates that we evaluated for a commercial estate showed hundreds of copies lying still in their wrappers and waiting to be put into the bin.

I would like to see advertising revenues as a graph from the 'old style' published magazines for the last 10 years and also how this equates to the new media?

Does the upward line depicting the advertising gain of the internet age mirror the decline of the magazine era?

In my opinion there is a need for both printed and electronic media in our industry. I agree that comprehensive web stats should be more freely available to potential advertisers and their marketing agencies. Also, I just wanted to point out that BIGGA's magazine is called Greenkeeper International, not The Greenkeeper.

Hi Ellie

Thanks for your comment.

How long will advertisers, whose own marketing budgets are being squeezed, pay these high rates?

I intend to make my Landscape Juice stats available within 12 months and I am sure it will be uncomfortable reading for a lot of web masters.

Whilst there maybe a desire for magazines, what evidence is there to suggest that there will be continued demand?

I am certain that the web will see the end to profitable magazines in the very near future.

Whether advertising is placed in electronic or printed media, what matters is achieving RESULTS surely. It varies from company to company depending on their target audience, product or service, their competitors' activity and the sector they operate in. There are no fixed rules with advertising as new opportunities pop up all the time.

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