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Just a quick response to this article on the APL. You seem to be judging the whole organisation on the quality of its website which is a bit lame. We've been members of the APL for 2 years and they've been invaluable to me WHERE IT MATTERS ie in problems with legal issues, employment laws etc. I couldn't care less if they have a fancy website or not - for me they offer excellent value. When we looked at the cost of joining a trade association BALI was far more expensive and offered nothing that the APL don't in the areas that are important to us. I don't need the APL to promote my business I just need them to help me run it and they do that perfectly.

To be fair I have no experience of BALI and I'm sure it's a commendable organisation. Perhaps a review of both organisiations and an interview with the chairman of each might be a better way for you to provide some objective opinion on this rather than lambasting something on the basis of their website offering.

Just a thought!
All best,
Dave Sewell
The Gardenmakers

Thanks for your comment Dave

I have to disagree with you on the website. First impressions count and if I am asking an organisation to represent me then I expect all of their media outlets to be sharp, crisp and well presented.

What is delivered on the face of it is a good representation, in my opinion, of what lies behind.

I am pleased that you feel that you get value for your money and that is exactly what I would expect but I also want to see, as a landscape gardener, the organisation being seen to promote its members.

I think that I will need to see stronger evidence that the APL are a force within the industry.

For your information, when I have previously written something on the APL I have emailed them to say so and asked if they wished to comment. Even after highlighting the fact that information was many months out of date there was not an update.

Kind regards


Dear Phil

I feel that some of your points are valid and to many people first impressions do count. We know that the website requires more work and we are working on this so that it feels fresh and crisp and answers all the questions for both potential customers and members. It stems from a member of staff moving departments and a new member of staff having to spend alot of time learning other aspects of her job. However, that is no excuse and we will be commissioning our website company to re-fresh the site and keep on top of it. We are currently building a members area on the website to include products and services on offer, a forum where members can discuss relevant issues and problems they face and much more.

BUT I do agree with with Dave Sewell. There are many positives about APL and we are constantly striving to create a supportive network for our members. Our members are very important to us and we DO listen to what they want from us!

Not speaking on behalf of the other committee members, but I would be more than happy for you to sit in on one of our meetings and perhaps you would like to come along to one of our LBIS meetings sometime?

Rebecca Moy
Stewarts Landscaping
and an APL Committee Member

Hi Rebecca

Thank you for your comment on Landscape Juice.

I am delighted that you have responded to my initial post.

My objective was to stimulate a debate and not to conduct a witch hunt. There is nothing that I would like more for the APL to rise up and be an equal to any potential landscape companies when trying to make a decision before joining any association.

I live in France so sitting in on a meeting would be difficult for me. However, I will be delighted to report any developments both within the APL and/or the website too in the future so please keep me posted.

I care passionately about the industry that I spent so many years working in and all I seek is a high standard, both within the association and the profession in general.

Kind regards


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