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I recently purchased a brass latch made by Foster and Pearson and in trying to carry out research on the latch came upon your site, and there staring at me was an identical brass latch under brass cleaning. I would appreciate if you are able to give me a little more info, ie, is the company still going, when was it established and how old would this latch be. Many thanks, I hope you are able to help.

During the cleaning of the brass fittings I ddi a little research both for my own interest and also to enlighten my bosses who unfortunately showed no interest at all. Anyway from what I gather Foster and Pearson are no longer in business, for a while they went in to the heating of domestic homes as the demand for greenhouses such as there's became less. If you would like to know more visit

Hi Bob

Thanks as ever for your comment and providing the initial fascinating post about cleaning brass.

All the best


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