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We can offer you several kinds of mini dumper from China.

Welcome you to visit our website at

There is stronger wheelbarrow than muck truck.

Heres what i think of the muck truck, we have been using one for three months and something breaks on it almost everytime we bring it out of the workshop. The back up from muck truck is almost useless too.

I havnt used the power barrow but our hinowa tracked dumper is far better in every way to the muck truck. Im flogging my muck truck on ebay. Good riddance to bad rubbish

I bought a MUcktruck 4 years ago. Looked a good idea. The Honda engine is a bitch. If petro left on will fill the cylinder with petrol and hydraulically lock the engine. Plug out and drain !. Never runs sweetly. Brigg and Stratton engine much better.
Belts expensiv fiddle to fit and adjust and do not survive hard work. The 4 wheel drive system is a joke. Wet tyres and mud cancel out the back wheel drive via the donkey wheel.
Replace engine with a Brigs and Strat, redesign drive with chain or toothed belt drive to rear wheel or simply double up the drives with two matched transmissions. Wider tyres would be an improvement. The idea is good the implementation is not.

To limit the amount of issues related to petrol engines on many power wheelbarrows many manufacturers have produced electric powered wheel barrows that support loads of up to 400Kg.

We are supply of Power Barrow in China. I do agree with Mr Alan said. Chain drive is better than the Muck Truck. 4WD by muck truck is a joke when muddy and wet. So only chain drive one is the right full time 4WD. Please visit our web to see our power barrow.

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