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Philip - it's not very helpful to misquote someone, unless you have an ulterior motive of course.

Mr Saltman's quote was "it's a difficult subject to broach at the moment and I will be keeping my fingers crossed tonight that the sparkling England win will mean that no-one voices anything more about the pitch."

Difficult because everyone, including yourself, seems to have an opinion without knowing the facts. Have you spoken to Steve Welch about his problems with the pitch? Of course you haven't.

Dave Saltman was on Talk Sport this afternoon giving a very balanced account of the problems that Steve has faced over recent weeks. And the recent torrential rain certainly hasn't helped his cause tonight. In fact he was backing Steve in much of what he said.

It wasn't a 'head burying' quote more a hope that a good team performance will allow Steve more time to get the pitch looking and performing as everyone expects from Wembley without constant sniping from the media and others.

Yes, there is a problem at Wembley. Sh*t stirring does not help!

Hi N Fletcher )sorry I do not know your first name)

Thank you for the comment and I am disappointed that you refer to my comments as stirring.

If you read all of my coverage of the pitch you will not find criticism of Steve Welch. I think he has been served a raw deal by the FA and the STRI.

I do not think I mis quoted Dave Saltman either (in fact I didn't even quote him).You have reproduced what he said above and unless it was meant tongue in cheek I read it for what it was.

It is a shame though that Pitchcare have not allowed me to comment directly on the forum. Censoring is not something I would promote here.

The problem with censoring is you will get a one sided view of a debate and it will not let others form a real opinion. I do get a feeling of back slapping and self promotion on the pitchcare site.

I have no ulterior motives either.

Thanks for your comment once again and kind regards


Great series of articles on turf Phil.

I have no idea who N Fletcher is but ban him unless he can add something positive to the conversation. ;) The Wembley issue highlights so much of what is wrong with projects in the UK, lack of knowledge by key individuals... ...with a let's go for it and then throw sheds loads of money at the problem afterwards approach, only ends in tears.

Sorry guys, I thought I was being positive by defending Dave Saltman. No wish to offend but I just felt that everyone is slagging off the Wembley pitch without anyone knowing the facts - and that includes me - facts that is not slagging :)

I see Wembley are now talking about resurfacing the pitch - shame that wasn't done three weeks ago - I only hope it is done after the forthcoming motor racing event!!!


Hi Norm

Absolutely no offence taken - you are entitled to your view.

I think a fair bit is known about the pitch prior to the Croatia game and that is one of the reasons I have made my series of posts on the subject.

I read today that the FA are opposed to home internationals because they are not as lucrative as a tour of the United States.

When will the FA get their heads around the fact that this should not be about profit?

Whilst football is a business it is also financed by the fans so they should get what they want.

The American Football game was about profit and so is the motor racing event and they are both inappropriate for the national stadium playing surface.

Thanks for your comment - Phil

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