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Hi Phil, Hope you had a good Christmas. I don't think its ethical anyway to cart stone around the world and the same applies to many other things too. Bob.

Well said Bob - It's madness to be hauling stone around the world. It's a relatively cheap alternative because of exploitation of labour and stupidly low cost of fuel for shipping. It should not be being imported.

Hi Bob and belated seasons greetings.

I agree with you on the haulage problems. I am a great believer that we should try and utilise what is available locally and work within communities.

The problem is, we all consume products that are not available locally. If we draw a line with stone then should we treat bananas and coffee the same way too?

I think it will take a lot change the system but it is worth a try.

Indian Stone is half the ptice of York stone. Raise the price by the way of a tax so that the consumer directly benefits the quarry work forces and make sure that money is ringfenced from the business owners. Put that money into schooling and clothing for the children and an increased standard of living for the families that work to extract the stone.


Hi Richard, do you remember, we had this conversation way back in April? Call me a cynic but I would like to see further evidence that Marshalls are working for the greater good and not selfish means?

All the best


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