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Initially, I saw the image turn counter clockwise, but after about two minutes, it began to turn clockwise. Over the past five years I have been working in archeology for the most part.

I have a dilemma. Which side of the yard IS the left/right???? Do you stand in front or in back of the house to determine the 2 sides? Thank you :)

Gabbi - I hope that someone can help you with your question but personally, I feel the question has two answers!

Thanks for joining the network.

The dancer first went clockwise and then changed and kept doing this. I had not read anything about the directions at this stage. Love plants and propogating. Very poor on design and spacial awareness, also problems with orientation.

At first I thought I saw the dancer turning anti-clockwise. Then I realised I don't know my clockwise from anti-clockwise! D'oh! I too love plants & propagating (I describe this as the 'nursery' aspect of gardening).

I am not sure exactly if this has any bearing on being a good gardener but I certainly found it fascinating.

Maisie said.....

I See her going clockwise and anti clockwise, but I also see her going from side to side, please tell me I am not the only one....

This is fasinating, I saw the dancer going clockwise and ocasionally anti clockwise and also when I was reading the writing below I could see the dancers leg swing back and fore. My husband watched the dancer with me for a moment or two, and he too saw the figure turn mainly clockwise. At times, as we watched together, we saw her turn in oppposite directions at the same time. I am a kilt maker and writer and my husband is a weaver and was a musican in the past.

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