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My Tags :-

1. Having the ability to be able to be 'in touch' with nature every day
2. Being able to competant enough to pass on a little slice of my knowledge gained each day to someone who may need it
3. Have the 'invisible' force of my Parents driving me on towards reaching my ultimate goal in life
4. To be loved, wanted and respected as an individual
5. To be content that every lawn I renovate or lay is naturally improving the Worlds Carbon Footprint with minimal fuss or PR coverage
6. The natural abilty to be able to teach and pass on 25+ years of turf culture knowledge to those new to the profession
7. Happy in the knowledge that 'Dog Rocks' may save my lawn from urine stains from my two bitches
8. Being content knowing that no matter how technological our live have or may become, I will always have an in demand 'hands on' skill that has been improved over time with mechanisation, but has actually remained a true science for centuries.
9. A world wide industry has been built around the concept of sport being played on a natural grass surface - praise to the individuals who who have given and will give their 100% committment in ensuring that the natural grass sports surfaces meet the grade against all pressures placed upon them by the weather or Accountants!
10.I am happy in the fact that I had the foresight to purchase many years ago which clearly defines my professional interests and personal passion for all lawns in our 'Green and Pleasant Land!

I think you did well to come up with ten 'reasons to be thankful' Mike.

Well done Phil. Magnificent job with coming up with 8 and not including your family. Great little insight into your world as well. Thanks for playing along.

Hi Stuart - I thought you had the the family theme covered just right ;)

I did find it a tough exercise though

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