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Hi - I went to a workshop at The Botanic Garden earlier in the month. We were shown an elm tree that hadn't succumbed to Dutch Elm Disease - it must be about the only 1 in Wiltshire. However, it was regularly stooled to be kept below 4 feet tall - we were told that this is the height that the Dutch Elm beetle flies at, so the tree would be disease free. However, it's not like the magnificent specimens we remember from when they dominated the hedgerows of England!

Oops, that should have read The Botanic Nursery...


I had really thick and vibrant hedges in my garden. For some reason, when the hedges were kept tight and in check they remained problem free.

One part of the hedge, before I bought the property, had been left to grow onto a lovely small tree. Sadly, it got to about twelve feet and popped it's clogs!

It would be really nice to see it make a comeback.

I do a bit of wood work and I have some old Elm - it is a lovely wood.

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