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Great picture. An artifical lawn is not maintenance free! You will still need to weed kill it, brush it, top dress it with new sand if it is sand filled, blow the leaves off it in the autumn and keep it free of leaf litter from trees and shrubs throughout the season. It will still get moss on it, especially if sand filled. All you do not need to do is mow it and water it.

There is a higher initial cost for the installation compared to turf and seed. It is important that the sub base is correctly installed to the correct levels and with some drainage and sufficient material infilled into the 'pile' if rubber crumb or sand filled.

A neighbour of mine thought it would be a great idea to have an artificial lawn installed about 12 months ago. Initially it looked fab, but now it is uneven, covered in leaf litter and weeds and some moss along the edges. His comments to me of 'I thought that no weeds or moss would grow' make me smile. I on the other hand, still need to mow mine, I constantly over seed it and fertilise it. It has no weeds or moss on it.

Oh, and he misses the smell of fresh mown grass but is aware that you can buy scented oils to do that job for you!!

Hi Mike,

Yes, you are correct and my advice above is a little lacking so far as maintenance is concerned.

I used to Install Huxley synthetic turf and helped with maintenance too. One of the procedures, in the maintenance process was to scarify, vigorously, with a Sisis rotorake!

I stand corrected and thanks for the comment.

I'd go for real - but then hubby does the mowing - with a push mower. Mind you, I did do all the Autumn leaf clearing and scarifying. I felt a lot fitter afterwards ;)

Personally I've always hated the look of the stuff, especially in private gardens.

However, last year we did some exhibition work for Natural England on their NHS stands. We selected an artificial turf made by a local company called QTurf which is a mix of different colours and actually looked quite good.

As for the maintenance aspect I would have thought they balanced out in terms of how much time you spent to keep them looking good. I can probably dig up some pics if you want to use them for anything.

Hi Richard

I am with you on this one, real grass gets my vote any time. Plastic just does not have personality does it?

Having said that, plastic does have it's place I suppose and if you are not into gardening at all but still want a space to kick a football with the kids then why not?

VP - a push mower, now that is the way to keep fit and a low carbon footprint too!

Really ,Artificial turf Looks and feels like real grass for less than real grass!No mowing, trimming or seeding No weeding, fertilizing or chemicals No Equipment Maintenance No problems!

Cambell, I am not so sure on your thoughts about it feeling like real grass.

Artificial turf can drastically reduce maintenance costs related to the upkeep of fields. By installing artificial turf, maintenance supplies such as pesticides, herbicides and fertilizer are no longer required.

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