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The page rank comment is total tosh and has not been relevant for at least 18 months, could be longer I lose track, e.g. I can show sites that have no PR but rank in the SERPs

But the site has been SEO'd well and whilst I'm not a fan of traditional looking floral displays they are a company that know where they are going.

Great post Phil I love the idea of mixing business with hort, great stuff and thanks.

Hi, Phil - thanks for the post.

Richard - you're right about the little green bar PR no longer being relevant (in fact, if you look at our site now, we only have 2 pages with official, green bar PR on our entire site, after google removed it all a few weeks ago for some unknown reason. There has been no discernible effect on our traffic as a result though, underlining your points that the little green bar is now largely (entirely?) irrelevant)). Sam is well aware of this, but was using it as a shorthand for saying that SEO was a key to our ability to launch ourselves rapidly.

Thanks for the comments from both and, Richard, if you'd like anything bespoke done for you, we do a lot of that too (but haven't quite figured out how to put it online (we take all bespoke orders over the phone!)).

Thanks again for your comments and please feel free to pass by our blog and have a look - we try to mix business and flowers to make (we hope) an interesting mix.

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