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Hi Phil,

There's probably room for both blogging and the printed word. After all we've still got cinema, even though experts said TV would kill it stone dead.


I do agree with you. I have never said that magazines will disappear completely.

Whilst cinema continues to exist (probably more to do with the old fashioned act of going out rather wanting to be in a stuffy room with lots of other people) it has reached a point where it can expand no more in my view.

The printed media industry will inevitably contract and take out once prospering businesses. There will be consolidation and job losses and from the flames, with the right stewardship, will come a new model.

I do not think the existing model can survive against the growing popularity of the blog and digital media.

Why pay to read when you can do it for free? A magazine needs to add something that a blog or website cannot deliver which is going to be difficult to do.

I know that Hort Week is responding to the challenge and is trying to change to an electronic medium rather than print but I feel Garden News and Garden Answers is has little pulse left.

This might sound kind of cruel but it is reality. Emap was too big and stuck in it's ways to change and probably more importantly, left it all that little bit too late.

One of our biggest problems is that the print media will juggle and manipulate figures so accuracy is difficult to come by.

Only time will tell if I am barking up the wrong tree or just barking!


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