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You're probably right that print media has seen the best numbers its going to see, but I'm not sure thats because of competition from the net (yet). Hortweek is probably suffering more from the fact that its so damn expensive to subscribe, and the subscription is an easy economy to make when times are hard (as they undoubtedly are at the moment). Its a good magazine, and I don't know of any comparable source of all the news and information it contains - it would be very hard work trying to find it all on the net. I dare say that in a few years printed magazines will be replaced by websites, but i think it'll be a while yet.....

You are on the money Phil. Geezer from the NYT can't remember his name went on record last year saying he could not give a stuff about print sales it's Internet or die. will confirm that the days that print ruled are dead and anyone involved is either crapping themselves or has a different business model firmly in place.

Hey ho it's all fun and games and the pace just gets faster and faster.

It is a fantastic and artistic to have a landscaping design at your garden. Adds beauty to the ambiance. Seems like there’s still no place like home!

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