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Hi Phil,

I've cast my vote - after a great deal of thought I've gone for No. As you know I don't use my name on my blog - that's because I'm nervous about personal details and t'internet. In GM's case I think it's just so he can say what he likes without any constraints. If we don't like all or some of the content we can a) not read the blog anymore and/or b)give feedback directly via a Comment.

So we've had some fun, but let's leave well alone.

Of course we are all curious to know GM's identity, but the pleasure is in the speculation. I don't want to find out this way. I respect your blog and enjoy the factual industry information - but this seems out of character with your other articles. Just because one can do something doesn't mean one should

I just think it would be a shame. I think it would be a terrible shame. It's like knowing there isn't santa claus. There's nothing joyful about knowing. And life ought to be about joy!

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