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What about a Software Engineer's garden? I've often thought that the random, soft edged nature of gardening is an interesting juxtaposition of my daily work where everything is planned, ordered and tested.

A professional gardener's garden:

Everything overdue for a prune and in some cases wildly overgrown
but full of truly beautiful plants (at least they would be if they were looked after properly)
lawn at least 5" high at all times
half-finished landscaping projects (pond, patio, path, cutting garden) dotted around all over the place
greenhouse stuffed with potbound seedlings
and a few client's plants waiting to go into gardens which are primped and preened to within an inch of their pampered little lives
oh... just described my own garden

Hi Andrew, interesting thinking and I wonder how many people treat their garden as their altered ego?

Can you imagine professionals in an ordered and regimented environment who wanted to cause chaos in their lives to break the mould?

Sally, lol! I bet you are not alone :)

My English garden had 50% which was the centre of my attention and kept me on my toes, the other half was chaos and I could never really keep up with it.

I did have a view, that because I had a really good looking lawn, it became the focus for any visitor and a distraction for me so the borders, if a little untidy, had the attention diverted away from them.

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