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Thanks for your comment and joining the Landscape Juice Network. I hope that you find it of great value.


Well done on booking your diary so well in advance and maintaining your hourly rate - I think it works out at £30.00 per hour from what you have written?

I do agree with you on discounts and reduced pricing. If there is a target price which you have built on your business plan then it should apply for all of the available working hours.

I hope that you will join us on the Landscape Juice Network to discuss this some more.

I have to agree with Scott on this one. I currently charge £15 per hour and i know that it is no way near enough to earn a living and to cover all the costs. Especially when you work out how much physical energy goes in. I have a young family and i find it really hard to juggle my diary when rainy days set in. As everyone still wants their work to be done in the same week but on a dry day. I know it is not customers fault that they generally believe that theirs is the only garden that you actually work in.
Also i still have to pay the childminder if it rains and i cant work, but i dont get paid. I am about to put my rates up to £18 per hour, but not sure how my customers will react to this.

Happy Gardening

scotts charges seem very good what area do you cover.What services do you provide and what sort of equipment do you use i cannot see any one paying more than £20.00 an hour for weeding and grass cutting in cornwall

Hi Ian

I just write about gardening and landscaping now and do not carry out works in gardens anymore (except my own).

Have a look through the comments to get a feel for charges or pop over to the network to ask around.

What an excelent site. I hope you realise that the hours spent reading these webpages is diverting me from doing any work on the accounts!!!
I have run a garden maintenance business in cornwall for15 years and abandoned hourly rates years ago. All my customers are so much happier if i simply quote for a job.
I go to a customer and say "it will cost x amount per visit to maintain your garden". This way they know what they are paying and cash flow is better for me.
After all, you get an 80 year old gardener and he will take three hours to do a job that takes me 30 mins!
And yes, overall i'm getting £15perhour like many others on this site.

if i charge £20 an hour (in shropshire), i recieve about £8 an hour after all my any less im better of (less trouble,stress etc) working in Morrisons supermarket !!
in London sw15 i charge £50 an hour for commercial.
and £30 p/h for domestic ........
removal of waste is extra- time & petrol,tip-fee and waste license fees cost me .
i am fully business insured .7+ yrs experience and have a waste license/chainsaw license.....
people take advantage of our good nature , but they know its far too hard work and costly to do it

I charge £14 an hour or £12 for OAP's.

Would be good to up the charges but not sure how much business I would lose, or gain, if I upped to say £16 an hour?

This is just for general garden maintenance.

Just wondered what smaller garden outfits did when costing up a bigger job such as turfing a large garden where you will be forking out a bit of money for the materials, do you ask the customer to pay for the materials up front first or purchase these yourself out of your own pocket? The last part being hard when you have very little funds to start off with!

I'm in the Gatwick area and charge £17ph or I do a daily rate of £125 which will include a lunch break. I generally start at 8am and finish at 4pm. This work covers general tidy ups to minor tree work and garden design.

I am not RHS qualified but am self taught and have been in this line of work for almost 10 years. All but one of my customers* has been / is very happy with the work that I do and have performed in the past.

With these prices I am fully booked until Feb 2010. All work is in the Gatwick area apart from a two week contract in Northern Spain.

*This is going through the courts now. Reckons £100pd is fair for 5 days of cutting and pruning trees. Despite agreeing to £125pd prior to our work. Nor did he ask for references / qualifications etc. But decided to state work was not good, price was high etc 3 months after we completed the work! Some people.

Just started a new company and we are charging £12PH or giving a fixed price for a job whichever the customer prefers.

Started up as part time at the moment and then going to see how it goes.

I am 18 years old and I fit gardening into my free periods from when I am not at Sixth from, (college.) I charge £10 an hour for regular 'customers' but i started off on £7 a year ago then got new customers and increased it. I do the general tidying up which obviously includes cutting grass, weeding, leave pickings, hedging and shaping a bushes but is this the right money? Davee


scott lawrence... quite right! £250/day haha! quite right on the 'undermining the profession' too.

i often wonder why other trades can charge extremely profitable rates and even call out charges when us hort's are working for arachis hypogea's?

hi, people, dragging up an old but maybe not so irrelevant blog? i run a gardening/landscape company in scotland, now in it's eighth year. have done my time, starting twenty years ago working for my father (a landscape architect)then a major national landscape contractor and some not so major ones, followed by time at college studying horticulture (albeit production horticulture...(runs and hides!)) and still, to this day, wondering why !?! haha!

i live in an area which is 'scared of change', well maybe thats the way to put it.. i'm an incomer to the area and prices in general here have not changed much since the 1950's by the look of things! its a struggle.. i run a variable rate system. (which to this day i still do not know if it even works!) £12.50 labour, machines on top, strimmer/hedge trimmer £2.50/Hr, mowers/leafblower £5/6/Hr, ride-on £20/Hr

it keeps me busy, i'm known as 'the best around' though the odd job types (tax dodgers) really get my goat to be honest, not for who they are or what they do or do not know but for the reason that they contribute to the local 'bench mark' price. this is very hard to break through.. even if the customers know how much 'more for their money' they will get by employing a pro. they still find it hard to justify employing a pro. (parting with their hard-earned) for the likes of mowing, when they know they can have an 'almost' as good job done, for half the cost.

so my max. price at the moment is £32.50/Hr. (for the ride on) min. price £12.50/Hr. <<(need to get rid of that rate maybe, though as said, being 'good value' sure does keep you busy, even right through the winter. (unless everything is frozen solid for a month..)average rate is about £16/Hr

i would be interested to hear any updated national prices(for 2011), though i'm certain that it is ALL about WHERE you are and not much else. try to work out the local bench mark price and if you think you are worth it add 20 - 30% on top and see if it washes with the public. it does most of the time. most of the time.

i better go and register here now, if i can find it!


Hi there

I stumbled across this site whilst doing a bit of research on iron sulphate.

I'm pleasantly surprised by your trade name as it's identical to mine! I'm located in Northern Ireland so competition probably isn't an issue.

In the context of what rates to charge, I have no academic qualifications at all. What I do have is 30yrs looking after my own gardens, a keen and fussy attitude and a pleasant manner. I started full-time just over a year ago and my business plan was to build up a clientel of households who would require me to look after their garden 12months of the year. The sort of people this suits are those out at work (busy professionals) with no time to look after a medium/large garden, elderly or aged people who physically can no longer manage their garden or anyone who despite liking a lovely garden, just can't be bothered. The selling point for most of these people is that I offer to take garden care completely out of their hands so they can relax and not worry at all about anything garden related except enjoy.

A year on I have 8 full-time contracts ranging from one very small garden to mainly medium sized gardens through to two very large (half acre) plots.

My pricing strategy (for what it's worth) is that I get paid EVERY MONTH a fixed price for work, plus materials. The theory is that whilst I do more hours during certain seasons, there will be times when I'll just be there a couple of hours in the month - or less. So the prices range from £50 to £160 per month EVERY MONTH. Advantage of this is regular and certain income for me and a fixed price for clients spread over 12 months. Another practical advantage is that I can take a lunch break/tea break etc and the client knows that he's not being charged for me not working! The only exception to the monthly fixed cost is if there is anything that crops up (excuse the pun) which is particularly time consuming, I agree an additional daily cost for time taken.

On top of that I then have "one-offs" - the usual tidy/weed/hedge cut etc. I charge £11 - £15 per hour for these plus materials. I reckon this is fair enough and, whilst I don't have qualifications, I know I've been recommended by clients and have had repeat business.

It's early days and my next challenge is to increase the monthly charges all round (although I recently reduced one as I just wasn't at the place often enough - not neccessary) and get a few more clients.

hello everyone,im new to this site and i have a fairly new gardening agency and im looking to sub-contract,so im wondering how much i should charge the clients and how much should i take as an agency fee? we cover west yorkshire and lancashire counties..

Get blog well done sorry this posting is years from the last but thought good to say a few words years on.... so to speak.

I have my own business now for 2+ years actually i have a degree in agriculture ( no monies their )

I started the basic lawn mowing etc at £15 hr but as many have said work out what your costs are right down to fuel van over head costs, maintainance on your mowers etc, your tax ( putting a bit away incase you need new equiptment ..etc)

Now i mainly do landscaping , ponds, decking, patios, turfing, specialist spraying, at charge min. £20-£25 hr + materials.

Dont drop your prices it makes you look cheap better still say you will offer them say an extra 15 mins to say trim that shrub etc ( as your there already and you get to keep your price good)

good luck to all
Craig ( Oxfordshire )

Wow! Written and commented upon in 2008! And the poor old customer doing a search is expected to take guidance from this in 20014?

Come on, LJ! Either have a scheme for updating information or put dates on the OP. This is not fair on customers or contractors.

Indeed, far from what LJ intends to achieve!

What to charge is something that I am currently wrestling with because I just don't know. I started off charging £10.00 per hour but soon realised this was insufficient. One client said to me that £10.00 per hour was at the top end of the market. He further went on to say that he used to pay a neighbours sons to do his garden although he did not say how much. I should have pointed out to him that his 'boys' as he called them did not have a vehicle to run, were not paying a mortgage and had no household bills to pay. I am now charging 13.50 per hour. I live in South Somerset and would welcome any feedback concerning charging rates for this area. I am not new to horticulture and I am presently undertaking yet another horticulture course at Kingston Maurward college.

My gardner charges me a monthly fee to come every week. If he doesn't come once or twice during the month due to rain should I pay him his fully monthly salary?

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