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How do I control moles in my lawn? Is chlordane or carbendzain available and where. Thank you Mel Funkhouser

Hi Mel

Sorry for the late reply.

Chlordane is banned but Carbenzamin can be applied if you have a certificate to apply pesticides. Alternatively you would have to employ a lawn service such as GreenThumb or The Lawn Company

hi there 2 questions please, whats the best product for picking up leaves i work on a large estate and spend many weeks blowing leaves, wet ones wont pick up in the moxer, ? i have heard billy goats are good but any idea on best model, and no 2 ) as above whats the best way to get rid of moles we have tried traps, petrol, smoke, none seem to work ? any more i can diy try ? many thanks


Billy Goat leaf vacuums are good - the size and make depends on the areas that you are dealing with.

I would only use a vacuum in conjunctions with a rake and a blower though and not rely on it to do everything.

Moles are tricky. A trap is an efficient way to deal with them but it does require a knack.

Gas is the only other option but you may need a license to purchase it.

Hi I am trying to buy a rhubarb bell but have been unable to find one at gardens centres and the only web site i found had one but was expensive. I live in West Yorkshire so could travel within reason. Can anyone help?
Andrew Hale 01484 710574

Here are some examples from Harrod Horticulture Andrew.

Kind regards

Phil Voice

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