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Not sure about this one - seems like a good way to boost Garden Centre profits but with little sales benefit.
I can imagine most retailers sticking with their usual mark-up: trade x 2.35 and pocketing the VAT savings. Also, as most items are price pointed I don't see 10% savings on the VAT being enough to drop an item by 50p or £1.
Also, this won't help wholesale nurserymen; - give them some kind of a easement on haulage costs and that would help them to compete with the Dutch boys.
I guess it might benefit domestic landscapers.........
What do the rest of you think?

Its not going to happen is it ? Gordon Brown is in enough fionancial difficulty without giving £175m to the garden industry. Gardening is a leisure activity, and I can't see any way that the government would consider relaxing VAT on it, no matter how green its credentials. You could make an equally strong (or spurious?) case for reducing VAT on any number of other leisure goods which might encourage the nation into healthy activity. It would be the top of a slippery slope for the exchequer - don't hold your breath!

Some good points Nick.

I have never really understood why grass seed is zero rated when veg seed isn't!?

House plants can survive both in cool and warm temperatures but drastic temperature fluctuation is not good for them. Do not place your plants near gas heating. If you plant like warm weather, do not place it near an air-conditioner during summer.

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