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I think you need to add a conversion factor to turn the miles per gallon into litres of fuel or p/l in the spreadsheet. Easily done by adding in a multiplication factor of 4.6 in to D36:D47 or F36:F47.

Or have I missed something?

Good point worms - I will amend the sheet



i'm new to the site, so would you be kind enough to send me a copy of the spreadsheet. Many thanks. John

Hi John

The link to the spreadsheet is in the text above:

Hope it helps?

good figures - but i wish we had 40 hrs for 50 weeks though with no rain, paid holidays /sick pay and pension !

My way is this-

Day rate = Wages + business costs divided by working days in a year.

Hourly rate = Wages + business costs divided by working days in a year divided by billable hours per day.

Working days = 365 - weekend days (104) - annual leave (30) - bank hol (9) - unproductive days (8) = 214

Billable hours = on an 8 hour day approx 6

Hope that helps someone

I'm not a gardener, I'm an electrician and the above post isn't far off the mark. A rule of thumb is to assume you will only work three weeks a month. This will bring your billable hours to 1440 hours per year.

Thanks everyone.. I've read all your comments, really useful stuff! :-)


I have just discovered this site very informative indeed.
I have clicked the link to the spreadsheet mentioned above but it just says page not found.
Could anyone help?



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