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Many congrats Phil, and I am sure visitors appreciate the fact that you turn up every day with something interesting to say and link to - readers put a great deal of value in that.

Happy Blogging :-)

Congratulations Phil. I've only seen a couple of ning sites outside of your pantheon(!?) of blogs; none of them seem to have such a good feel about them as the Landscape Juice Network.

Congratulations! I'm so glad to have found your blog through typepad. I'm a novice gardener and I will visit often.

Very well done to you! Recognition of fantastic dedication and content. The others can eat their hats...

Congratulations. It's well deserved. I point to yours as the sort of blog to which bloggers should aspire.

Thank you everyone

I am still on a bit of a high and now that Ning have featured the network too it has topped a good few days.


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